Necrony  - Corrupted Crescendos - 5x LP Box
Necrony  - Corrupted Crescendos - 5x LP Box
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Necrony - Corrupted Crescendos - 5x LP Box

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Helter Skelter Productions, Side A – Severe Malignant Pustule: 01. Intro: Ortuo 02. Masticator of a Swollen Carcass 03. Hill of Cadavers 04. Consuming Cartilage 05. Decomposed Genitals 06. Pus-bonum-et-lauda-bile 07. Severe Malignant Pustule 08. Outro: Ortni Side B – Mucu-Purulent Miscarriage 7”: 01. Mucu-purulent Miscarriage 02. Multilocular Morphea-Sarkoblasters Side C – Pathological Performances: 01. Rigor Mortis Sets In 02. Dexterous Embryectomy 03. Submassive Necrosis Disgorgement 04. Gynopathological Excav-Eater Side D – Pathological Performances: 05. Accumulation of Exudate 06. Ocular Obliteration 07. Pro-Rectal Carnage 08. Excavated, Eviscerated and Emaciated Side E – Pathological Performances: 09. Effervescing Discharge of Putrescent Corpulence 10. The Squirming Worms 11. Acute Pyencephalus and Cerebral Decomposure 12. Funeral Ferocity Side F – 93/94 Cassette Promo Tape: 01. Under the Black Soil 02. Forensickness Side G – Necronycism plus Unreleased Bonus Tracks: 01. Fermenting Innards 02. Swarming Vulgar Mass of Infected Virulency 03. Die in Pain 04. Mucupurulence Excretor 05. Dis-Organ-Ized 06. Bodily Dismemberment 07. Festering Boils Side H – Necronycism plus Unreleased Bonus Tracks: 01. Cenotaph 02. Lucid Fairytale 03. The Kill 04. Deceiver 05. The Day Man Lost 06. Protest and Survive 07. Pungent Excruciation Side I – Unreleased Rehearsals and Live: 01. Under the Black Soil 02. Spawn of the Infested 03. Forensickness 04. In the Dark Closets of Secrecy 05. Torn Apart Description: HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present the entire discography of NECRONY in a five-LP vinyl boxset, titled Corrupted Crescendos. One of the most cult bands in an already-cult scene, NECRONY hail from the mythical Swedish death metal scene of the early '90s. Formed in 1990 in Örebro, during their four years together, NECRONY left behind a small-but-scathing body of work that included an album, a mini-album, a 7" EP, and two demos as well as a handful of unreleased rehearsals. The band also had the unique distinction of releasing three of those recordings on the super-cult Poserslaughter Records label. NECRONY posthumously further earned their cult status with their connection to successive grindcore legends Nasum: vocalist/bassist/guitarist Anders Jakobson would play with the latter during the entirety of their career, while drummer Rikard Alriksson would play with them during their first three years of existence. Both men would also have distinct musical careers with the likes of Coldworker and Genocide Superstars, respectively. NECRONY would make their public debut with 1991's eight-song Severe Malignant Pustule. As colorfully suggested by its title, the band's first demo doubtlessly was indebted to Carcass - as were hundreds of bands back then, or arguably more! - but NECRONY nevertheless had a clear grasp of twisted songwriting and uniquely relied on slimy downtempo segments instead of the usual ultra-grinding tropes of the time. They'd further perfect this sound later that year on the two-track Mucu-Purulent Miscarriage EP, one of the very first records released by the aforementioned Poserslaughter. Following those two recordings, guitarist Dan Wall would depart the band, and it wouldn't be until 1993 when NECRONY released their next recording. However, when they did, it was quite literally titanic: Pathological Performances, the band's debut album. Pared down to a duo of Jakobson and Alriksson did little to hamper the band's creativity, as Pathological Performances saw NECRONY hit their peak: the songwriting was supremely twisted yet somehow catchy, the recording was their clearest yet without losing their original crushing sliminess, and like their heroes Carcass, the lyrics were witty in their gore. Nevertheless, they'd release a promo tape the next year that featured two songs of even sharper and more crushing creativity, suggesting that NECRONY were only getting started. And so it seemed, as their next recording, Necronycism: Distorting the Originals - recorded prior to the promo-tape, but released after it - was a mini-album of covers which included the likes of Carcass (of course!), Napalm Death, Repulsion, Impetigo, Bolt Thrower, and Carnage, all done the NECRONY way. Generally, such covers records served as a stopgap between album releases, and such was the hope for NECRONY. But another studio recording never came, and the duo's focus seemingly shifted to the then-young Nasum. NECRONY, ultimately, was RIP by 1994. Thankfully, time has done nothing to dull the pus-filled power of NECRONY's body of work - in fact, it sounds more powerful (and pus-filled!) than ever. While an unauthorized "collection" surfaced in 2005, with the band's full approval does HELTER SKELTER hereby collect all those recordings plus bonus tracks from the covers record as well as unreleased rehearsal sessions and one live track. Titled Corrupted Crescendos, this nearly-three-hour boxset is the definitive word on one of Swedish death metal's great "What Ifs" and a unique-yet-unsung entry into that hallowed canon. This boxset will include an extensive 24-page booklet, three stickers, and a patch, making it the ultimate NECRONY statement: long live Necronycism! Formats: 5x LP Box: -Carefully remastered by Dan Swanö (Unisound Studio). -All LPs are housed in sturdy LP sleeves with 3mm spines -Includes a 24 page booklet packed with liner notes, in depth conversation between the two members Anders Jakobson and Rickard Alriksson, lyrics, rare unpublished photos. -3 exclusively designed stickers -A woven patch. Line Up: Anders Jakobson – Bass, Vocals, Guitar Rickard Alriksson – Drums, Vocals Dan Wall – Guitar Daniel Andersson – Bass

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