Crypt Of Kerberos - MCMXCI-MCMXCIII - Box
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Crypt Of Kerberos - MCMXCI-MCMXCIII - Box

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World Of Myths LP 1993
A1 The Canticle
VocalsPer Berquist
A2 Cyclone Of In

A3 Dream…
VocalsPer Berquist
A4 Stormbringer
B1 The Ancient War
B2 Nocturnal Grasp
B3 The Sleeping God
B4 World Of Myths
Demo I 1991
C1 Intro/Sacrifice
C2 Armageddon
C3 Devastator
C4 The End Of Time
Demo II 1991
D1 Intro: Eternal Suffering
D2 Nocturnal Grasp
D3 Stormbringer
D4 Bleeding World
D5 Yule Horror
D6 Shadow Fire
Visions Beyond Darkness EP 1991
E1 Visions Beyond Darkness
E2 Darkest Rites
Unreleased 1991
E3 The Ancient War (Old Version)
E4 Khorne
Cyclone Of Insanity EP 1992
F1 Cyclone Of Insanity
F2 The Ancient War
Rehearsal 1992
F3 Dream…
F4 World Of Myths

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